Are we there yet? Why we haven’t reached the boardroom… for now!

are we there yetFor many years we have defended our need to be heard in the boardroom, either by having a seat on the executive board or by having the possibility of reporting directly to the CEO, so that we can ensure that they take into account how their decisions will affect our corporate reputation and our stakeholder relations. We’ve travelled a long road to reach the C-Suite… Once again, we impatiently ask: Are we there yet?The answer is quite simply… no. Continue reading


Banks need a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Future. ASAP.

Mr. Potter, The banker from "It's a wonderful life".

Mr. Potter, the banker from “It’s a wonderful life” (1946).

When I picture the CEO of a bank, I can’t help but come up with an image like the one featured in this post. An arrogant, selfish, ruthless older gentleman who is a mix between the mean old men who tormented Mr. Banks in “Mary Poppins” and Pre-Christmas-Ghosts-Scrooge. I know this idea is pretty far from the truth, but I’m not sure that everybody else does. Continue reading

Where is Jiminy Cricket?

"Let your conscience be your guide" (Jiminy Cricket, 1940)

“Let your conscience be your guide” (Jiminy Cricket, 1940)

One of the first things that we’re taught as PR practitioners is that we must conduct ourselves as ethically as possible, especially considering that we’re expected to be the moral conscience of the organizations we work for. This would be a lot easier if we, like Pinocchio, had Jiminy Cricket on our shoulder telling us what to do all the time. But instead of him we have codes of conduct which establish a series of norms designed to guide the manner in which we carry out our work. The question is: How effective are they and how can ethical behaviour among practitioners be encouraged? Continue reading

Is Big Data in the cards for PR?

Is Big Data the future of PR and will it allow us to make predictions about the future?

Is Big Data the future of PR and will it allow us to make predictions about the future?

As you have probably noticed, this is the time of year when many PR practitioners let loose their fortune telling side and publish an uncountable number of articles enumerating the trends that will dominate the field during the New Year. Most of the time it seems like these predictions are a repetition of what was said last year and the year before that. Not this time.

The world of communications is abuzz with the term “Big Data”. If you don’t know what it is (as I’m ashamed to say was my case until just a few days ago) it’s high time that you read up on the subject and get with the program, as Oprah would say. Continue reading